Japanese Trailer Offers A Different View Of Diana

naomi watts diana

I wouldn’t be surprised if Oliver Hirschbiegel’s Diana does some pretty decent business around the around the world but the difference between a modest profit and an extraordinary box office result is going to come down largely to how effectively the film is marketed in each country. This new Japanese trailer for the film offers not just a few more glimpses of Naomi Watts as Diana but also a look at out how the film will be sold in Japan.


The music, for a start, is different from the trailer released a few weeks ago. That trailer made use of Salvation by Gabrielle Aplin but the Japanese trailer-makers have opted for something much less contemporary, cutting the footage to Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity from Holst‘s The Planets.

It would be easy to run wild just speculating about those two titles but that may be going a bit far. The use of a classical piece is interesting though in that it evokes something more traditional, something older. The section from Jupiter chosen is also rather triumphant and the trailer has a celebratory feel as a result.

The footage used is similar to the American trailer but there are a few new shots and the way in which these are cut also suggest a different agenda possibly being pushed. There are glimpses in the Japanese Trailer of the newspaper headlines that became such an issue for Diana but the one that we see clearly reads “…Will Not Go Quietly” and is followed by a cut to Naomi Watts fixing her makeup in a mirror before a shot of her face more than filling in the screen. The effect of these images side by side certainly plays well alongside the triumphant music.

My greatest fear about Diana is that it will be a simple act of hagiography, an attempt at a rousing celebration and little else, and the Japanese trailer certainly leads me down that path. But I’m hopeful that Oliver Hirschbiegel, whose Downfall was a fascinating look at the final days in Hitler’s life, has a little more up his sleeve than that.