Arrested Development's Brad Copeland Writing Knight Rider Movie

Arrested Development’s Brad Copeland Writing Knight Rider Movie

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knight riderPlans to make a Knight Rider movie have come around agan, but this adaptation could offer some distinct problems. For one thing, the supercar at the centre of the story has dated horribly.

Sure, there was so much more to the Knight Industries Two Thousand than its ability to talk.

It could also understand you when you talked. It could run eight-bit video games on a screen in its dashboard . It could play almost any music you’d want, like some bottomless jukebox. It could absorb or deflect the impact of almost any firearm. And it could Turbo Boost to safety over any fairly low to low obstacle.

The AI is still as science fictional as it ever was but most of KITT’s specs would need some updating for a modern-day sequel. I’d recommend at least PS4 quality games on the dash, if not some floating holographic touch screen nonsense, and the bottomless jukebox won’t seem too impressive in a post-Spotify era.

All of this probably underlines why the screenwriter chosen to work on the project isn’t somebody like Pacific Rim‘s Travis Beacham or Star Trek‘s Alex Kurtzmann and Roberto Orci, but Brad Copeland, writer on Arrested Development, My Name Is Earl and Wild Hogs.

I don’t think the plan will be for us to take Knight Rider entirely seriously.

Though, having said that, The LA Times believe the film:

is being conceived as a somewhat higher-budget, more action-oriented movie than Weinstein’s typical prestige fare.

The only idea that really makes sense to me is something like Todd Phillips’ Starsky and Hutch. I mean, I can conceive of several other Knight Rider films, with several other tones, but that’s the only one that matches the info we have, and how one would expect a Weinstein to think.

Let’s see how this progresses.

Meanwhile, in other news: The Hoff.

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