The Heavy Metal TV Show Has Second Season With Michael Biehn And James Marsters

It seems like French broadcaster France 4 had some success with their first series of Metal Hurlant Chronicles, the show based on and branded around the comics we know as Heavy Metal. You may recall the teaser trailer.

Now, by way of announcing a second season, the show’s producers have given Ecran Large a couple of images from the set.



The first episode of the next run will feature Terminator‘s Michael Biehn and Buffy‘s James Marsters. Apparently, Marsters character is a doctor with strange, but as yet unspecified, powers and he has some effect on a Wild West town where Biehn is he Sheriff.

Which, if any, actual Metal Hurlant story that is based on isn’t clear to me. I’ve read about a dozen and none of them even come close to that description.

Marsters was also in season one, in a different role. Guess he was popular. Maybe he’ll be the next Jerry Lewis.

The French Blu-ray of the first run has both the original English language and dubbed French language tracks, so I think I might give over to an import…