Episode VII To Be The First In A Very Long Line Of Star Wars Films To Shoot At Pinewood

star_wars_logo_640_large_verge_medium_landscapeAccording to a new Screen Daily report, the production team for Star Wars Episode VII are already setting up base at Pinewood, here in the UK. As we told you, casting has already begun, and Screen Daily have added that crewing up is taking place now too.

I can also tell you that Disney and Lucasfilm are planning to pretty much take over Pinewood for several years to come. The plan right now is for Episode VII to give way to the first Star Wars spin-off, then Episode VIII, then another spin off and one to Episode IX. What then? My crystal ball can only see so far.

And Marvel aren't about to stop using the UK as their production base either. What's more, Disney are to bring Cinderella to Pinewood later in the year and are already looking at which of their other live action features they can book into the studios beyond then.

Until significant economic changes warp the playing field, it looks very much like Pinewood is geek film central and all but needs a pair of giant Mickey Mouse ears on top.