Rosa Parks, Morrissey As Charles Dickens And Simon And Garfunkel Vikings – Horrible Histories’ Music Videos

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My kids watch BBC’s Horrible Histories, on the CBBC channel and then again again on the iPlayer. It’s one of those kids TV shows that pretty much justifies the licence fee in one. A series of comedy sketches based on history, obsessed with the gorier details and especially anything flatulent. Each episode has a parody song too. And as a result of the first song, had an indepth discussion with my kids about civil rights.

I’ve posted about the show before, but we’re getting towards the end of the fifth series, which is a good excuse to embed a bunch of this season’s songs. They’re making a movie next…

Rosa Parks’ Motown-inspired I Sat On The Bus…

Charles Dickens, This Charming Man – Morrissey and The Smiths done up like a kipper tie.

Simon And Garfunkel try to repair the image of the Vikings

Roman financier Crassus, doing Dizzee Rascal’s Bonkers

Joan Of Arc does Jesse J’s Price Tag

Alexander The Great as stage rock

Owain Glyndwr does Tom Jones

And the pioneers of British transportation do Grease Lightning

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