Teaser Trailer: Masters Of Sex With Michael Sheen And Lizzy Caplan

William Masters and Virginia Johnson were a research team studying human sexual responses from their Reproductive Biology Research Foundation in Saint Louis, Missouri. They looked like this…


…and they taught the world a lot of things. Things that had fast and far-reaching effects way beyond the boundaries of most scientific studies.

By depending on actual, clinical measurements of response, they cut through a lot of misconceptions propagated by Kinsey, Freud and countless others. Sex was never the same again.

Showtime have made a new series about Masters and Johnson, and last night premiered their first season teaser. As you'll see, the leads been prettied up just a little. Still, Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan are both great, so I'm always happy to see them.


Masters of Sex is due to premiere on September 29th.