Michael Bay Developing A Movie Based On Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Games

Videogames have given the Tom Clancy brand a whole new second life, away from Red October and The Sum of All Fears. Both his Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon series are now in development as movies, with Tom Hardy attached to the former and, as Variety report tonight, Michael Bay looking to direct the latter.

The game’s publishers, Ubisoft, explained that they wanted to work with Bay because:

he is a master at action movies.

Can’t say I agree with that. Bay certainly has a taste for epic, overblown explosions of big screen carnage, but he’s no master. In fact, his action staging has often bordered on incomprehensible, and certainly tends towards the blunt and repetitive.

Compare… oh, I dunno, Guillermo Del Toro. He’s doing big robots at the moment too, so it’s as fair a comparison as any. I saw several extended scenes from Pacific Rim recently – and I’ll tell you more about these soon – and I promise you, his action is precise and eloquent, witty and surprising in ways that Bay is bludgeoning and dull.

And this is Ghost Recon. It’s supposed to be about stealth and subtlety, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure that Bay is the wrong man for the job. But, hey, here’s hoping he proves me wrong.

Ubisoft and Warner Bros. are looking to hire screenwriters for the film soon and then attach some acting talent over the summer. Sounds like this could end up being Bay’s next movie once Transformers 4 has been bagged.

For some idea as to what Ghost Recon entails, here’s a short film that Ubisoft published las year. Nothing to do with Michael Bay, but you’ll at least get an introduction to the series’ military milieu.