Conventional Matters: MCM, Phoenix, Image Expo, Midwest Media Expo

Next weekend sees the MCM London Expo, with DC Comics and IDW in attendance, with the likes of David Hine, Frazer Irving, Emma Vieceli, Tony Lee and a metric tonne of small pressers. A place to discover some real finds. Also the only convention you can access by cable car. Park at the Millenium Dome and then whizz yourself over. I expect to see cable cars full of cosplayers…. say hi to Brendon Connelly if you see him.

The show is pushing this in the media as a teenager’s thing. It certainly skews lower in age than most shows. And it is pushing the Deadpool game debut and Edgar Wright talking World’s End.

On at the same time is the Phoenix Comic Con... naming guests would take forever but it will include Ben Templesmith, Brett Booth, Christy Marx, Colleen Doran, Ethan Van Sciver, Frank Cho, Greg Capullo, Greg Horn, Geof Darrow, JMS, Katie Cook, Kieron Gillen, Si Spurrier, The Allreds, Mike Mignola, Neal Adams, Peter David, Grace Randolph, Mike Mignola, Terry Moore and Whilce Portacio. Oh, and me.

Please try and make it for the Bleeding Cool Fan Awards if you can. Friday 6PM Room 132, and there’s a free exclusive Adventure Time cover variant if you attend… and do say hi!

The Image Expo has just added JMS and Kurtis Wiebe to the show. We should have a couple of Bleeding Coolers there.

The Midwest Media Expo is trying to sell itself as a different kind of convention next year, very much in the wake of Motor City experiences on Saturday, it seems.

Since 2005 we have rejected the model of “profits first, fan experience second”, and we have actively taken steps to reject offers which we feel ‘cheapen’ the convention experience. When we created our first convention, Youmacon, we set the goal to produce an event WE would want to go to. We offer the very best in engaging special guests, interactive live events, free-to-play video game rooms, and high-quality attendee created programming. Now, 9 years later Youmacon has become one of the fastest growing conventions in North America. In 2010, we brought our philosophy of high-quality production and fan driven content to the niche of Steampunk, with the award winning World Steam Expo.

For the past few years, we’ve been working in the shadows to create a new event you in Spring of 2014. We can’t tell you much yet, but we can tell you this:

Animation. Comics. Television. Movies. Gaming. Internet Culture. E-Sports.

Welcome to a new convention experience.
It’s not Comic Con. It’s the Media Expo.

m2xblackSo what is it then?

The Midwest Media Expo is a popular culture event similar to most Comic Conventions. However, instead of focusing on comic books, M2X is a celebration of all popular media, including: Animation, Television, Movies, Video Games, Tabletop Gaming, Internet Culture, and eSports.

Balls to that, then.

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