Motor City Comic Con Has Problems With Traffic

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showcase_newSo Motor City Comic Con had some problems today. Gridlock and traffic snarl ups for miles around. No parking anywhere close to the show. And hours and hours to line up and get in the show.

It appears that those who paid extra to buy advance tickets to get in without lining up, were told they had to line up with everyone else. That the show seems to have oversold considerably, selling tickets on the door when advance ticket purchasers were still lining up, so that the show reached capacity while people who had already paid couldn’t get in.

It may be worth pointing out that Stan Lee was appearing today.

Being incredibly popular is not the worst press you could get.

But this is how it began today… selected posts from the Motor City Comic Con Facebook page, over the last five hours, in chronological order

Jeff Kromer Are you kidding me with this line? What was the point of pre-buying tickets?
Robyn Nelson Bought pre advanced tickets and mixing the line with non ticket holders. This is ridiculous
Jennifer Wilson Fell for buying advanced tickets like a fool…an hour after we Should be inside were still behind the building wrapped around. Never falling for that again. This show is the most poorly managed show in the country by far
Nick Price You need line Control. There is an event staffer with a bullhorn telling people to format one line even after other staffers told her not to! Parking is a joke too! I would just leave if I already didn’t spend money on tickets! My friends and I won’t be going next year unless there is some kind of line Control and parking control!
Victoria Zimmer I would like my money back…or at least the extra money I paid for advanced tickets because there was NO REASON TO PURCHASE THEM. We were thrown in the line with the people who are just now buying tickets. We bought advanced tickets so we wouldn’t have to go through this bullshit again. All I hear is people saying they won’t be coming back next year, and neither will i.
Jenn Farah Someone should be handing out water. People have passed out standing in line.
Siobhan Dobson This is the worst run con I’ve ever been to. Advance tickets and stood in line for an hour without moving an inch. People are passing out. PATHETIC. Leaving to see Star Trek and not waste my entire Saturday in a line. I will be getting a refund.
Keith Lemon This is the poorest run excuse for a convention I have ever been to. I will not attend a comic con nor any other show at this disorganized joke. This is pathetic. You have advance tickets waiting in line around the building while people who don’t have tickets are ushered to the front of the line. After paying five dollars on top of our $60 3 day passes to park in a dirt lot next to construction vehicles this is the ultimate smack in the face. I have been to many comiccons and this is by far the worst I have ever been to. You have literally found a way to destroy the entire experience, no wonder you have a hard time getting bigger celebrities in your show, they probably don’t want to deal with the hacks that half run this joke. You should be ashamed.
Gregory Tyler Screw you, Motor City Comic Con. Been a patron for over a decade. No longer. Drove from Dayton, Ohio, and are throwing in the towel just one mile from the convention center due to traffic and other people’s reports of parking problems and insane lines for advance ticket holders like us. Buh-bye and good riddance.
Larry Lutze Motor City Comic Con why did I pre purchase tickets when I would wait in a line for 3-4hrs….talk about false advertising. Pre sale was to avoid the line….what a joke! Waited 1.5 hrs to park to find this insane line with pre sale ticket holders and others that still needed to buy tickets in the same line. I live in MI and love to support local things but I thank you for helping me make the decision to never return. I will keep my money and go to a real COMIC CON in Chicago!!!!!
Sandy Hulsart I bought advance tickets for Motor City Comic Con and got down to Novi, Mi about 11:45am today. The idea behind getting advance tickets was the ability to bypass the lines and walk right in. My friend who arrived at 10am and had to park almost a mile away had to get in line with everyone else; advance ticket holders and no ticket holders. I spoke to her at 12 noon and she still was not even in the building yet. I turned around and came home. Traffic on the highway was backed up for miles with people trying to get to the show. No way was I gonna walk over a mile to stand in line for hours. The show would be over before I got in. Shame on you Motor City Comic Con.
Jennifer Carr-Strong MCCC I want my advance ticket money BACK. Shame on you. You were no way prepared for this kind of crowd. You over sold advanced tickets and took my money knowing that you sold way to many advanced tickets.
Billy Continental Line around the building and one person checking tickets at door. Worst event ever! What was the point of buying advanced tickets? Never again.
Cynthia Ferguson Dear MCCC, thanks for making my Saturday a total WASH and out $$ for the tickets. Go fuck yourself.
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