When I Was On BBC Radio Talking About Kermit The Frog, My Personal Moral Traffic Light

The Muppets Visit The Whatnot Workshop At FAO SchwarzI was just kicking around on Saturday morning, wondering about breakfast and thinking about all of the work I had to do that day, and I had Radio 4’s Saturday Live on the wireless while I was doing so. Just like most Saturday mornings, in fact.

But this week, I ended up taking part in the show.

The full program is currently available on the BBC iPlayer. If you skip to 1hr, 14mins and 40-some seconds, you’ll be able to hear my appearance in its entirety.

That won’t last forever, mind you, so it’s nice that the BBC have decided to create an archive clip too. It’s edited – the front end has been lopped off, there’s a bit of context missing in the middle – but you’ll still get the idea, and it’s good to have this lasting record of my love for The Frog.

Well, that was fun. I hoped I was giving them some good radio, and if I spread the good word of Kermie while I was at it, then that’s just a bonus.

Rather unexpectedly, the segment spurred on a lot of tweets from the show’s listeners too. Here’s a handful.

That’s just a few of them. Seems as if I’m not the only one who loves Kermit.

So, there you go. Now you know how I live my life. I should probably point out, though, that my Kermit creed doesn’t mean I would do everything that Kermit does. Not quite.

I mean… Miss Piggy is actually very beautiful in person, and all, but…

Here’s the video of my first meeting with Kermit. You’ll able to read more about our second meeting closer to the release of The Muppets… Again.