A Few More Free Comic Book Day 2013 Titles To Look Out For – Mouse Guard, Stuff Of Legends, Molly Danger, The Strangers, Damsels, Grimm, Absolution, Anna And Froga, L’Amour Killerman, Judge Dredd, NFL Rush Zone, FUBAR And Red Ten

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Blimey, there are lots of good free comic books out there tomorrow. I’ve already looked at Marvel and DC’s offerings. Dark Horse, Kaboom, Top Shelf, Viz and more, but that only scratches the surface. Here’s a few more to keep your eye out for.


Th3rd World Studios gives us a look ahead at their fifth volume of The Stuff Of Legend with Gossamyr on the flip. Stuff is the charm though, as we enter new areas and traditions of storytelling, the very lifeblood of this world where soft toys continue to fight for their master.


Mouse Guard from Archaia returns to standard comic format this year, along with Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, with Rust on the flip and a superb Cow Boy strip in the middle totally making use of the double page spread to do something different.


Born of a successful Kickstarter, this is our first comic book glimpse of Jamal Igle’s Molly Danger and there is plenty of kicksplodo to go around. Oh and there’s some Princeless at the back to up the action heroine stakes.


Our first look at Chris Roberson’s The Strangers. In fact we get the whole first issue for free. You’ll have to pay for this in July… or get it free now. And it feels like one of those sixties/early seventies British shows like The Avengers, Jason King, The Persuaders, Danger Man, with a credit sequence and an attitude that smacks of pure class. Yes, they have a mission, but dammit if they’re anything less than stylish when carrying it out.


Damsels works as an issue zero for the new Mermaids spinoff series, with a clip from the original series at the back. Lots of adult reworkings of children’s fairy tales taking them closer to their originals, from Dynamite. And this is just the first…


And here’s the second from Dynamite, an issue for Grimm, the new licensed comic from that TV series thing. Quite fun, and I’ve never seen the show. Lots of grimacing.IMG_0025

There is no grimacing whatsoever in Anna Ricard’s Anna And Froga which I know my girls will gravitate towards, as they reckon they can draw just as well ans might actually make it in comics right now. Flips with Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking…


Absolution from Avatar runs the initial zero issue from the first series and has a glimpse of the second. In one fell swoop, it’s the goriest Free Comic Book Day comic to date, I think it’s the first to get seriously sweary and basically it’s the kind of comic that FCBD would not have allowed a few years ago. Expect this to open the floodgates. Do be careful when handing this one out to the kiddies, after all it does look a bit like a blue Green Lantern.


A big surprise for me was a look at two upcoming Bantam graphic novels, with Law Of The Desert Born by Louis L’Amour. But its the artist, Thomas Yeates who really impresses, with a photo realistic greyscale style that instantly reminds you of Alex Ross. Expect Dynamite to grab him. Get a nice peek of Michael Gaydos’ art for the adaptation of Jonathan Killerman’s The Web as well.


NFL Rush Zone totally bamboozled me, as I have no real understanding of NFL. I don’t even actually know what it stands for, though I reckon the F has to be Football. Even though it’s not. Sorry. However it works well as a first issue in a kind of Power Rangers fashion and is very engaging. If I could work out what people are actually doing.


IDW’s Judge Dredd shows off their wonderful new colouring of classic Judge Dredd comics from 2000AD. And the big blank space they have to leave at the bottom of every page…IMG_0020

FUBAR gives a selection of stories of stories about war, or fighting in general. Which gives them a damn fine excuse to invite Chuck Dixon to the party. And Free Comic Book for a man’s man!


While Red Ten goes for the most senior audience of all with… a crossword. With a prize. Ad the need to read their whole comic in depth…

So… what are you planning to pick up? My eldest is already excited and threatening to bring her Owly toy with us to pick up the Top Shelf Comix edition…


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