Change Of Plan – Stephen King's 11/22/63 Headed To TV With Bad Robot

The last time we discussed Stephen King's time travel story 11/22/63 is when Jonathan Demme was planning to adapt it into a feature film. Well… that isn't happening. Yes I'm disappointed.

No, really, I'll be alright. Thanks for asking.

The new plan, it seems, is for Bad Robot to adapt the book into a TV series with Warner Bros. Deadline report that they're trying to lock down the option now, and seeing as King was a very vocal supporter of Lost, I think the chances are good.

If you don't know the book, this video will clue you in to what it's all about – in short, there's a bit of time travel and an attempt to prevent the assassination of JFK.


King has some rules for how his time travel works. Here's his explanation:

There's a kind of a rule that you'd express as a ratio: The more potential a given event has to change the future, the more difficult that event would be to change. If you wanted to go back and speak to somebody on a street corner so that they were five minutes late to an appointment—that might not be too hard. But if you wanted to stop the assassination of a president, that would be really difficult. The past would try to protect itself.

Okay, I get it. And some rules are probably better than no rules. Bad Robot might do well to take King's theories on board…