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CH5Claudio Sepulveda writes for Bleeding Cool;

I have to say that the idea of Kickstarter fascinates me, I have been trying to get my ideas out there through a lot of different editorials, companies and presses, but I have never had the luck of success there. It’s always the same thing, “There’s no room for your style, or there’s no room for your kind of story”, and having a platform like Kickstarter it’s like a dream come true.

MY Biggest Problem has been my style, all of the companies tell me to change it but WHY??? It just sucks to be told that, simply because they want more Vixen girls and pretty things, it doesn’t mean that a few changes can affect that, and yet they wash their hands telling me we don’t have a book for you that suits your style.

I draw comics because I love doing it I really enjoy creating new characters and telling their story. Sometimes reviving things that have died long ago makes me feel even better, don’t you guys think, seeing stuff that disappeared gives us nostalgic thoughts etc. like I said before a lot of doors have been shut but I’m always looking for a chance to deliver my ideas, and as I want to work as a comic book artist, because I’m an architect, every time it getting harder and harder not just with comic book work but with everything, I really, really want to do this and not just for a living, it’s because I enjoy doing it, and I hope my son will follow this beautiful feeling of creating something he cherishes the most as I’m waiting for his arrival in two months.

CH12-14When I created Cherubs it was because of a real personal experience my wife and I went through, and that really change our lives in how we saw things, when I first started this project it was going to be a children’s book, but then all of it changed, as stories often have a way of evolving from the initial concept and it turned into a drastic drama and agonizing story, on how we all go through something in order to change, either bad or good things, I hadn’t received the opportunity to deliver this vision to anyone but to some close friends and on my space at deviantart ( my only support on this is my wife.

Cherubs became a simple project but a very constructive one, like all of my other projects, I’m always trying to make people feel as the characters feel like if the characters have a problem they say oh that happened to me and maybe I can do this and that, this is a story of chances and survival, of how human emotions can be hard to use, like for example:


In an apocalyptic world, how will you survive?

If you are hungry how will you eat?

What could you eat? How will you manage to get the food?

If your friend is sick and you want him to live what are you willing to do for help? and the fact that you are a kid, not and adult makes things more difficult, where will you sleep? With whom will you side on etc. etc. how values are all gone, how the humans change in the adversity of death and despair, ALL OF THIS THROUGH THE EYES OF CHILDREN, this is the main idea of the story.

My Hopes are to work on this, to be able to make a living from this, to actually leave all the stress from the office and to actually do this, if money wasn’t an issue I would just become a farmer that draws comics or such, I’m a hardworking man who wants a life that can live doing what he wanCH12-13ts to do, and to make other people feel great about themselves by reading a good story and the joy of actually meeting them and listen to what they think, what they don’t like, what they cry about. It’s always great to interact with them.

My biggest fear is not to be able to deliver my stories, the fear of me doing what you don’t like all the time, the fear of just doing it for necessity, for money in order to survive, like I said before, That’s my biggest fear, and I’ll never quit, I have had several bad experiences in comics, let downs, no pay comics that already are done, steals etc. that marked me but still I am here and I hope to be here for many, many years delivering good stories to all the comic book readers around the world!


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