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Evic Oropilla writes;

The Valiant 2013: Harbinger Wars and Beyond panel consisted of Hunter Gorinson, Dinesh Shamdasani, James Asmus, Joshua Dysart, David Baron and Fred Pierce.


Valiant promised that everything you need to know about the Valiant Universe in 2013 would be revealed at their WonderCon panel on Saturday and they started the panel off big by announcing that Joshua Dysart was officially Valiant’s first exclusive writer.  This announcement paved the way into the introduction of Harbinger Wars as Dysart stated that it would be the first time two books in the Valiant Universe have come together and are clashing.  He went on to state that the Harbinger Wars is Valiant’s big summer movie book and that every scene will take it up to 11! So be prepared!

Dysart then started talking about the Project Rising Spirit strike force and how those kids were imprisoned, tortured and forced into activation to serve Rising Spirit. He then shifted the topic to the Harada Protocol, which will be introduced in Harbinger Wars #2 in May, a special program in Bloodshot that is activated when in close proximity to Toyo Harada. Dysart said that an entire new set of abilities will come online for Bloodshot once initiated. He even said one attack will be Bloodshot vomiting nanites into Harada’s mouth. Dysart paused and said that it might sound stupid, but he promised that it is gonna be awesome!

The next discussion was then led by Asmus as he introduced the new series Quantum and Woody, art by Tom Fowler. Asmus shared that he was really excited when asked to pitch for the book stating that he wanted to breathe new life into one of his favorite titles of all time as he loved the humor, heart and insanity of the original series. Asmus also shared his joy of the art team involved. He also promised that the series would feature a goat and that there will be a QR cover that will have the goat’s voice.

They next big topic was about X-O Manowar and the forces of Planet Death and how they flipped it. Instead of being invaded they invade! The new arc is scheduled for a July release and it was confirmed in the panel that in this arc the first person X-O Manowar meets when he returns to Earth is the Eternal Warrior!

IMG_20130330_165744_170[1]   The next thing Valiant introduced was their first mobile game app called Harbinger Wars: Battle for Las Vegas. It will be an 8-bit game and is scheduled to be released in late April. Also mentioned is that new levels for the game will be included in the comics so the game and the comic would progress together.

There will also be 8 bit variants for the mobile game sometime in July starting with Archer & Armstrong and Bloodshoot and followed by five more variants.

IMG_20130330_170225_199[1]Valiant then announced that the have a Brazilian publishing partner and would be transcribing their books into Portuguese. They also reminded the crowd about their line of One Dollar Debut comics which should be arriving in stores on May 1st just before Free Comic Book Day.


During the Q and A session there were some revealing answers from questions asked by the audience. Someone in the audience asked if there are any plans for a Ninjak series? Pierce answered that question by stating that they eventually hope to have all the Valiant universe characters books roll out but they plan on doing it slow and steady. So he teased it may be Ninjak next or maybe a new character! Another person in the audience asked if Rai would be introduced soon and Shamdasani said that Rai does not fit in yet as Rai represents the future universe and they are not quite there yet.

After the panel I am convinced that the Valiant Universe has big plans and what they are building up to is something not to miss this summer!

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