A Very Mini Kickstarter. Toy Possibly Included.

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I’ve just donated to Tim Seeley‘s new Kickstarter to create a bunch of mini comics from him and his friends.

Each comic has been designed to be published at the same size, and in the same fashion as comics that came included with He-Man.

So, yes, a little nostalgia there.

d1d82e443be158fa06fa094d7191cf91_largeCreators include Tim Seeley, Steve Seeley, Michael Moreci, Brent Schoonover, Sean Dove,
Clint Hilinski,and Paul Tucker. Here’s what they have in mind.

Colt Noble and the Megalords (written by Tim Seeley, art by Clint Hilinksi): The sequel to
the cult hit Image Comic’s one-shot! Mareea, beautiful and hard edged weapons trainer thinks she’s finally getting a romantic date with COLT NOBLE, hero of PLANET SOL! But what she actually encounters DUPER, an evil alien DUPLICATE!

Dead Star Divas (written by Tim Seeley, art by Sean Dove): The DIVAS are the greatest bio-ball team of all time! But their angry opponents have sabotaged their transporter! And now they’ve been sent to a backwater world used as a dumping grounds for genetic experiments gone wrong!

Literary Commandos (written by Steve Seeley and Michael Moreci, art by Paul Tucker):
When not penning literary masterpieces, earth’s greatest writers join forces as THE LITERARY COMMANDOS, the toughest, most advanced military team known to man.

When Poe and his evil organization The Raven steal a very important time traveling device, The Commandos head to action to stop them. Will they able to stop him in time? Pun intended!

The Omega Family (written by Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley, art by Paul Tucker): The
Omegas are the last human family on a very different Earth—one where monsters, wild animals, and all manner of strange beasts rule the land. When a meteor crash lands and strange species threatens the entire planet, the Omegas must act!

Prime-8s (written by Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley, art by Brent Schoonover): They are the most advanced fighting force known to man, sworn to protect the Earth from mad scientists,hyper-evolved animals, and intergalactic threats. The Prime-8s are called into action—to Las Vegas—after secret NASA documents are stolen. What they discover is a Cold War plot involving samurai, a cyborg bear, and more!

Superbeasts (written by Tim Seeley, art by Clint Hilinski): The city of Frankenvania is home to monsters from all across the Mulitiverse! And the only force able to protect them from hateful monster hunters is the superhero team SUPERBEASTS!

And for increased donors, theyll even get toys made from characters in the comic. Or, like me, you can be a cheapskate and just donate the $15 to get the comics…


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