19th Century Arctic Survival Story, Nobody Loves The Night, Draws In Rinko Kikuchi, Juliette Binoche And Maybe Nikolaj Coster-Walau

Rinko Kikuchi and Isabel Coixet
Rinko Kikuchi and Isabel Coixet

Isabel Coixet is having a very productive period – latter-day Malick productive, almost – with Yesterday Never Ends just premiered in Berlin, Panda Eyes in production now and Nobody Loves The Night gearing up and casting. It’s the third of these films that concerns us right now.

According to Fotograma, Coixet has already lined up some fine actors for the picture. They report that Rinko Kikuchi and Juliette Binoche are to take on the two lead female characters, and that Game of Thrones Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is also in contention for a role.

All the ingredients for a rather well-acted love triangle, and that’s apparently just what we’re getting. But then there’s a twist, as Nobody Loves the Night will be set in the Arctic, one of the least hospitable places on Earth.

Up there in all that super-super-cold, I can’t imagine I’d really love the days either. And that’s assuming it’s even the time of year that they have days.

Miguel Barros, screenwriter of Blackthorn, is responsible for the script.

There’s an interesting quirk to this casting. Kikuchi is one of the stars of Pacific Rim, Guillermo Del Toro’s giant monster movie; meanwhile, and as Variety reported earlier in the week, Juliette Binoche is considering a role in Godzilla. Maybe that’s a pub quiz question in the making, somehow.

Nobody Loves The Night sounds like the kind of nightmare-to-make stuff that Werner Herzog used to run at, head first. I’ll be curious to see how much Coixet tries to do “for real.” It’s not that I’m wishing frostbite on the filmmaker or her cast, it’s just that… well, there’s something really impressive about those Herzog films. Would be great to see something else in that vein, maybe.