Brian Bendis Maps Out Guardians Of The Galaxy Comic, Groot, Rom And Rocket Raccoon… And The Universe Versus Jean Grey

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During Brian Michael Bendis‘ conference call with retailers this afternoon, he did manage to serve up quite a lot of both steak and sizzle.

Seeing as I don’t know anything about comics – what are comics? – I’m going to present most of this without context. I wouldn’t to put my foot in my mouth when talking about such a popular DC Comic, eh?

Here’s Bendis on the point and purpose of the new Guardians series.

Take these awesome characters that have always had a pretty strong fanbase but bringing them closer to the centre of the Marvel universe… so that they have more of an effect on the Marvel Now! as they say.

Iron Man is joining the team from the very first issue. We’ll be looking at the relationship of what they’re doing out in the galaxy and how it effects us here on earth.

The characters have these great origin stories… we’re going to examine them characters and show them… change people’s perception of who these characters are.

He did say, specifically that this relaunch is worth doing “especially with the movie coming.” A movie that will need to get the audience up to speed on the characters’ origins, likely coming very close to those that Bendis will be laying out for us in the book.

David Gabriel said he suspects retailers massively under ordered the #0.1  issue which is an updating of Star Lord’s origin.  But numbers in for orders of Guardians #1 are impressive. And that Marvel was excited.

Bendis said:

Guardians of the Galaxy Point One is Star Lord’s origins which I think is as good an origin as Superman or Spider-Man but nobody knows it. I told it at a Marvel publishing retreat and Dan Slott didn’t know it. So I wrote it out the way I wrote Ultimate Spider-Man’s origin, taking a two page story and blowing it up to thirty pages… reintroducing people to Peter Quill from when the ground up, literally, from when he was a kid.

And beyond that origin, we’ll be digging into Quill’s backstory in other ways.

Guardians of the Galaxy number five, keep an eye on it. We have to keep a secret for Age of Ultron but Guardians of the Galaxy five is the one. Peter Quill’s father is not a good person. We’ll see right away what he’s up to and what he’ll go to to keep his empire… he’s got father issues, like every great Marvel character.

 When it comes to making these characters work with a broader audience, is there a problem here, with how “out there” the Guardians are?

It’s hard to get people on board with something when they see a raccoon with a gun. The cover of issue 3 is maybe the greatest drawing of Rocket Raccoon that will ever exist.


Looks like he sounds like Jason Statham to me.

There’s a lot going on with Rocket and Groot and we’ll be getting to that really quickly… Rocket’s got a really interesting history.

Sometimes we’ll be out in space and “very Star Wars”… other times the characters will be trapped down on Earth. Groot and Rocket Raccoon trapped on Earth… so a Raccoon with a gun who doesn’t see himself as a raccoon with a gun, so stranding him on Earth is the best place he could be.

Marvel is aware of Groot and Rocket Racoon’s cult fame and plans on cashing in. The book is going to tie into the other titles Bendis is writing currently and, as he promises:

The cause and effect of stuff that happens on Earth effecting stuff that happens in the rest of the galaxy.

The book will tie-in to other titles left, right and centre.

We have a big surprise ending for Age of Ultron that is going to startle some of you and go directly into what is going to happen in Guardians of the Galaxy and some other books.

One specific plot point that Bendis mentioned, and which sounds like a big deal even to my naive ears, is that Jean Grey is going to be put on trial for war crimes.

We’re going to introduce a galactic council that’s debating what to do with Earth. Along the line there’s going to be more… including a couple of Badoon leaders we haven’t met before.

There will be a major crossover with All New X-Men as a result. Alien races are pissed she exists again. That much I could follow, but I don’t know what a Rom is. Bendis does, though, and he would like him one:

Truthfully, if ever the day comes that Rom could legally appear in a Marvel comic, whatever story I’m in the middle of writing, Rom will crash into it. I don’t care who it is talking, Rom is going to crash into their head.

And there was no answer as to whether Iron Man and Tony Stark will be in the Guardians movie. In fact they all said they are NOT allowed to comment…


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