Another Report Says Doctor Who Special Will Reunite All Eleven… And Is Clara Already Leaving?

The last big rumour about this year’s 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who didn’t last long. As I said at the time:

The well-respected Doctor Who fansite Blogtor Who published, just minutes ago, a compilation of rumours regarding next year’s 50th anniversary special. And then pretty much immediately deleted them.

In short, their abandoned story was claiming that all eleven doctors would be returning – including those originally played by the deceased.

And now The Birmingham Mail are doing just the same. There’s no indication of where they got this information, and the story seems to have pretty much come out of the blue, but here’s the crux, anyway:

Show boss Steven Moffat is close to completing a script which will see the current Doctor, Matt Smith, needing the assistance of ALL his police box predecessors – even if three of them have died.

The half-century special, to be broadcast in November, will use studio trickery to resurrect the first three Doctors – William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee – in brief flashback scenes.

Now, that seems a bit wobbly right away. Will the Doctors team up, or can some of them be shrugged off in flashbacks? On the face of it, there seems to be a bad fit right away.

The Mail are on dodgy ground again pretty soon:

The final key to the special was Eccleston, who had previously said that he had no plans to return to the role but recently conceded he believed he “still had more to do with the character”.

The Eccleston misquote comes from a Q&A held when he was appaearing in Antigone at the National Theatre last Summer. What he actually said was that there was more to do with the role as an actor. More places to take it, to push it. Better work to be done.

Not more episodes.

Still, maybe the Birmingham Mail do have a source behind their story, and maybe it’s a good one.  I’m not convinced, but I’d like to be.

Meanwhile, an interesting little throw away mention of Jenna-Louise Coleman in last week’s Popbitch newsletter raised a couple of eyebrows here at Bleeding Cool…

Popbitch said:

There’s a huge wish list for the next series of Strictly [Come Dancing], but these are the names said to be closest to being confirmed: Footballer Danny Murphy, Bobby Ball, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Jonny Peacock, Jennifer Saunders and Craig Charles.

This would mean Coleman is too busy to reprise the role of Clara at any time during the last two or three months of this year, if not a touch longer.

If they’re going for a Spring series next year, this would indicate she’s not going to stick around. Or if she is going to stay on, the timing of Strictly might suggest that Who won’t be starting until later on in 2014.

All speculation, of course, but Popbitch do have some incredibly good sources and Strictly is made by the Beeb so they would have some idea of Coleman’s schedule.

Production on the 50th anniversary Who is expected to start in April, while the next run of episodes could start screening as soon as the Easter weekend. My bet is on April 6th, though.