Catching Up With Dexter, Anne Hathaway, GI Joe And Lots More – A Rushes News-Heap Special

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I’ve been neck-deep since Sunday, in all sorts of dramatic situations – some of which will result in good content for the site to come in future. I did miss a few stories I’d have liked to have covered, mind, so I thought it best I do a Rushes round-up. So here we go.

Warner Bros. have tasked James DiLapo with adapting Homer’s The Odyssey into science fiction. This is the one with the cyclops, sirens and cannibals not the one with the big wooden horse – though if they have a hit on their hands, a prequel would always be possible. [Deadline]

And in… erm… similar news, Rob Liefield’s The Godyssey is also headed to the silver screen. This is the comic about a lot of gods teaming up to beat up on a bunch of other gods. Apparently Zeus, Buddha, Ra and Pangu are on the side of the good guys. Will some form of the Judeo-Chiristian deity appear? The Flying Spaghetti Monster? Or Bertrand Russell’s teapot? [Variety]

Timur Bekmambetov is Michael Bay’s pick to direct Heatseekers, an aerial action picture about a retired flying ace facing off against sky pirates of some kind. While George Mahaffey might have earned six figures for his spec script in 2010, Bay and Paramount have just set F. Scott Frazier to do a rewrite. [The Hollywood Reporter]

This trailer for The Ice Man has been kicking around for a few days but it’s always good to catch up with Michael Shannon and his hard burn… even when the picture quality is inexplicably crappy.

The Galactic Empire have replied to the White House’s dismissal of their beloved Death Star:

The overwhelming military superiority of the Galactic Empire has been confirmed once again by the recent announcement by the President of the United States that his nation would not attempt to build a Death Star, despite the bellicose demands of the people of his tiny, aggressive planet.

Glad they’re monitoring our media. I wonder if they’ve seen Chasing Amy? [Star Wars Blog]

David Dastmalchian might not be the most famous member of the Prisoners‘ cast – Jake Gyllenhaal, Hugh Jackman, Paul Dano and even Melissa Leo have him beat, for now – but he’s had the most rapid ascent to fame. His first IMDB credit is as “Joker’s thug” in The Dark Knight. [Variety]

During his Reddit AMA, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that he most regrets turning down The Rock, that he’d really like to work with Sam Raimi and that he’d rather fight 1 Predator sized ducks than 100 duck sized Predators. He also drew this picture. [Reddit]

Here’s a Japanese trailer for the new GI Joe sequel, Retaliation – though they call it Back to Revenge. [Coming Soon]

There’s a new Ghost in the Shell anime coming, to be directed by series animator Kise Kazuchika. I’m happy to hear that Cornelius will be providing the soundtrack. More details to follow in February, apparently – as well as footage. [Ain’t It Cool]

James Corden turned down a role in Girls but he’s more than up for it now.

I was approached to be in the first series but had to decline due to work commitments; I really hope it works out that I can be in the show in the future. I think working with Lena would be an amazing experience.

There’s probably a bit of subtext there, right? [Metro]

IMAX are to co-finance some movies that wil then play exclusively on their big screens. The first film will present oral histories from Indonesian Islanders, and no doubt some huge, pretty vistas. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Coronation Street is now available to Americans via Hulu. There’s a two week delay from the show’s UK airdate but it’s not exactly the most spoiled show on the internet. It’s probably about .0001% as spoiled as Breaking Bad. [Hulu]

Wong Kar Wai’s The Grandmaster, unsurprisingly, looks superb. What i wasn’t expecting was the Doctor Zhivago business. You’ll see that, and a whole lot more, in these three behind-the-scenes featurettes. Shame there’s no English subtitling. [Indiewire] v=JtMB1yV72DI

Jug Face looks like a lot of fun. It’s about an evil hole in the ground and there’s some echoes of Evil Dead in some of the figure-hugging, contact lens-wearing shots. [Indiewire]

Young Colin Ford is the first actor going Under the Dome. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo‘s Niels Arden Oplev is directing the pilot. [Deadline]

The last episode of Fringe will air this Friday. It’s such a big deal it has a poster. That’s right – a poster for a specific episode of a show. That’s if you can count something that probably doesn’t exist in any material form as a poster. [TV Line]

And while we’re at it, here’s a full, 2-minute trailer for the episode.

Sam Raimi explains the colour schemes and shape language in the production design for Oz The Great and Powerful. More promotional videos like this for films, please. [Wired]

Dark Invasion will see Bradley Cooper going against undercover German agents in 1915. It’s based on a book by Howard Blum that I think I’m probably going to read now I know it exists. Here’s hoping a good director signs up – this could be fascinating and exciting. [Deadline]

In the immortal words of Smoke City, this must be underwater love. Here’s the first poster for Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo, promising footage in French cinemas from this Wednesday. [Facebook]

An animated Linda McCartney is cooking for the animals, rather than with the animals.

 Macca might be planning another animated short, Frog Chorus Style, or more likely, this is to advertise the Linda McCartney range of vegetarian foods. [Twitter]

Abi Morgan is updating The Taming Of The Shrew to a mid 20th Century setting and, I’d imagine, an early 21st Century outlook on sexual politics. Anne Hathaway is attached to star. [The Wrap]

Here’s a new trailer for the second, newly released Dexter video game. Looks like it could have used a bit more polish to me.

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