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Dark Universe, Guillermo Del Toro’s DC Comics Movie Of Sophisticated Suspense – Monday Trending Topics

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Is this the Swamp Thing of Dark Universe?Dark Universe, Guillermo Del Toro‘s DC Comics movie, will feature Swamp Thing, John Constantine, Zatanna, Zatara, the Demon, and Deadman among others…? I can think of a storyline that fits that bill. I’m sure we’ll have much more on this a little later.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today – Days Of Future Past, Brian Wood:

Here’s One Classic Mutant Who Isn’t Set For X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Bryan Singer may have lined up repeat appearances from Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in his next X-Men movie, not to mention the First Class cast, don’t expect to see all key players from across the franchise to have Days of Future Past in their diaries.

A New Female Focused Marvel Comic From Brian Wood And Olivier Coipel In April?

It must be getting to that time again! Just as Previews for March solicitations are in the shops, so we start getting the teasers for April.

Swipe File: Superman, Wonder Woman, Elektra And Punisher

Interestingly, despite their respective executive structure, it’s Marvel who has the woman on top.

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today – Guillermo Del Toro, Dark Universe

Silly Twin Peaks Rumours Compel NBC’s President To Start The Ball Rolling, For Real

Earlier in the week, I ignored some spurious stories regarding the return of Twin Peaks, the greatest TV show in the history of the medium,* but it seems these tall tales may have actually catalysed the earliest stages of a return for the show. It’s just like that time Michael Bay said the internet gave him the idea to cast Mark Wahlberg in his next Transformers film but not a total barefaced lie this time.

Mountains Of Madness Back From The Brink, Hulk TV Show On Ice – Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors

Back in 2011, Guillermo Del Toro was revving up to finally film his long-cherished adaptation of HP Lovecraft‘s At the Mountains of Madness when Universal pulled the plug. It was the combination of an inevitable R rating and a healthy budget requirement that did it, cancelling out whatever appeal the studio found inherent to the project, or was added on by Del Toro’s intended star, Tom Cruise.

Guillermo Del Toro’s DC Movie Dark Universe Is Being Written Now, “Will Happen”

The following video from IGN features Del Toro talking about the Dark Universe line-up of characters. Swamp Thing is “a rockstar” to him, Etrigan the Demon is “amazing.” He also notes that wants to do “the Constantine of the comics” and that The Spectre, Deadman and Zatanna will all also appear. Other characters are kept secret so that we can’t guess the plot – which seems to be a clue in and of itself.

Most-Discussed In The Forum Today – Rob Liefeld, Scott Shaw

Warren Ellis Is Rob Liefeld’s Role Model. Mike Carlin, Not So Much.

It began with the internet and with Warren Ellis. Yes, Warren Ellis. I had followed him on line and had watched and interacted with his weekly newsletter. He had built quite a tribe on line and I felt that there was much to learn from his example. Remember, this was long before Facebook or twitter were anything even remotely resembling a reality. In short, social media did not exist.

Scott Shaw And The Hundred Dollar Page Rate

If you think that comic book creators are enjoying a new Golden Age of fair treatment, guess again. Here’s an example of the scumbaggery that’s passing for industry standards these days. KaBoom!’s line of licensed kids’ comics is not only work-for-hire, creators are given a work-for-hire agreement to sign AFTER they’ve created the work. And the page rates?

Brian Wood And Olivier Coipel’s XX Teaser From Marvel In April

It must be getting to that time again! Just as Previews for March solicitations are in the shops, so we start getting the teasers for April.


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