What is Domo? DC Comics And Funko Are About To Let You Know

What is Domo? DC Comics And Funko Are About To Let You Know – Sunday Trending Topics

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what is domo? Domo SupermanWhat is Domo? I have to admit that 24 hours ago, I wasn’t completely sure what was going on here, but my BC Analytics Sense told me it was a good idea to find out. I’m somewhat saddened to report that it has nothing to do with the Jack Kirby Eternals character of the same name.

But it’s a simple yet iconic character that originated in 1998 by Japan’s NHK tv. A “strange creature that hatched from an egg,” it seems, which is a good enough explanation for me, because it’s the visual that counts here (Domo was immortalized as an internet meme by our special friends at Fark, it seems) and even if you didn’t know the name, if you use the internet, you know that mouth and those teeth when you see them.

Funko and DC Comics are extrapolating this iconography onto DC Comics characters for figures released next month, and as I say… I have a hunch they’re going to be pretty popular worldwide.

Most-Read Comic Stories Today – What Is Domo And Why Does The Dark Knight Have Those Pointy Teeth, Rob Liefeld

Will Your Superman Domo Have Underwear On The Outside Or Not?

The DC Domo  2 1/2 inch figurines, out next month, show off a variety designs including DC Classic and DC New 52 for some. But because they are boxed mystery fugures, you won’t know whether of not your Superman will have underwear or not until you open it. Or if you’ve been stuck with Aquaman again.

Warren Ellis Is Rob Liefeld’s Role Model. Mike Carlin, Not So Much.

Rob Liefeld relatively recently posted about his career and how he believes he revived it, and his reputation, in the wake of Heroes Reborn.

One Shop’s Top 125 Graphic Novels Of 2012

From Comickaze of San Diego, their top hundred-and-twenty-five selling graphic novels of the year…

Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today – Doctor Who, Twin Peaks

David Tennant “Knowing Nothing” About New Doctor Who 

Well, David Tennant appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show on ITV last night. In which we saw a couple of Christmas gifts from his wife, Georgia, which Jeremy Piven also seemed to enjoy.

Silly Twin Peaks Rumours Compel NBC’s President To Start The Ball Rolling, For Real

Earlier in the week, I ignored some spurious stories regarding the return of Twin Peaks, the greatest TV show in the history of the medium,* but it seems these tall tales may have actually catalysed the earliest stages of a return for the show. It’s just like that time Michael Bay said the internet gave him the idea to cast Mark Wahlberg in his next Transformers film but not a total barefaced lie this time.

Steve Carell Unlikely To Return To The Office, Says NBC’s Chairman

Despite earlier pointers that Steve Carell would be coming back to The Office before it wraps up for good this spring, NBC’s Chairman Robert Greenblatt has told TV Line that this now isn’t looking likely at all:

Most-Discussed In The Forum Today – Scott Lobdell, Rob Liefeld

Scott Lobdell Off Red Hood And The Outlaws, James Tynion IV On

Consider this a late Christmas present for DC Women Kicking Ass. But it seems that Starfire’s New Year resolution may be to stop hanging around on beaches, stretching in bikinis and doingimpressionsof goldfish.

Warren Ellis Is Rob Liefeld’s Role Model. Mike Carlin, Not So Much.

It began with the internet and with Warren Ellis. Yes, Warren Ellis. I had followed him on line and had watched and interacted with his weekly newsletter. He had built quite a tribe on line and I felt that there was much to learn from his example. Remember, this was long before Facebook or twitter were anything even remotely resembling a reality. In short, social media did not exist. So I started by jumping on message boards and interacting with all varieties of threads, even those that were famous for bashing me. I was always calm and polite in the face of the most heinous attacks. I stood my ground and didn?t get involved on an emotional level. If you don?t like me, fine, I can only defend a fallacy about my work not how you feel about me personally.

Is The Beast A Very Silly Atheist?

The case of atheism is a practiced and oft repeated one. I’ve never been totally convinced myself, as I still have an inability to explain consciousness in any other way than the spiritual that makes any sense to me, but I doubt I’m going to be able to convince others of that. I’m not going to duel with dualism here.


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