Castle Drops, Arrow Does Okay, Fringe Was Steady And More – The Week In TV Ratings

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Jamie Wotton writes for Bleeding Cool.

Okay, there weren’t that many surprises in last week’s ratings. Most shows have already disappeared as we settle into the Holiday period. Some fans might have reason to be a bit worried though…

For a long time, I’ve never understood why Castle fans were so scared, passionate, and driven to launch fan-campaigns to protect the series future. It was always going to get renewed, the show was always popular enough, and it had enough buzz. But now, five seasons in… I’m beginning to see why they might want to worry a little.

The show is closing in on 100 beautifully syndicatable episodes and ABC likely won’t make too much money from the show after that. On Monday, it hit a series low of 1.7. Not a good number for the show, and if it falls down even further, it might make this the final season.

A couple months ago ABC upped the order of the season by two episodes – and looking at that now, with the lowest rating ever in mind, it seems like ABC might just wanting to milk the cow a little extra before she’s no more.

Of course, I imagine the cast contracts end at the end of the sixth season, and it’s an ABC Studios show, so it might kick around for one more year. ABC like to keep things around, like they did for season 8 and 9 of Scrubs. I wouldn’t panic just yet, but it might be the right idea if ratings stay low when the show returns next year.

Everything else was down on the rest of the night too, including How I Met Your Mother (3.0), Gossip Girl (0.4), Bones (1.9) and Hawaii Five-O (2.2).

Tuesday nights are a little bit predictable now, and with the comedy saturation of the night staying the same, the only victory comes from NBC’s lineup of The New Normal (1.7) and Go On (2.5).  On ABC, Happy Endings garnered a 1.3 and Don’t Trust The B—- got a 1.1. Raising Hope (1.4), Ben And Kate (1.1), New Girl (2.0) and The Mindy Project (1.3) were all down on FOX too.

The best episode of Arrow so far gained a 1.1 on Wednesday, with the rest of the night doing little or nothing.

Nashville scored a good 1.9, Suburgatory fell to a 2.2 , without a Modern Family lead-in, and Supernatural got a 0.9.

A few things were up on Thursday, including the cancelled Last Resort at 1.2, The Office /Parks And Rec (2.1/1.5) double-team, Elementary (2.3) and  Scandal at season-high 2.5.

But things weren’t all good. The Big Bang Theory (5.3), Vampire Diaries (1.1), The Beauty And The Beast (0.5) and Glee (2.1) were all down. It’s a weird time of year though – the holidays have begun and people are a lot busier so don’t read too much into the erratic scorings.

On Friday, Fringe (0.9) and Nikita (0.4) kept doing what they have been doing. Not great but their audience is their audience.

With ABC’s line-up gone for the year, Sunday is mostly cartoons, football and the occasional procedural.  The Simpsons (3.4), Bob’s Burgers (2.1) and American Dad (2.2) all went up. Weirdly, Family Guy went down a little at 2.8. Meanwhile, the shrinking The Mentalist bowed out for the year with a 1.6.

I’ll see you all next week, with more numbers, speculation and excitement. If there’s something more fun than TV ratings, I don’t want to know it!

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