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The Mexican edition of Irredeemable #1, by Bruguera Comic Books, an imprint run by Daniel Ortiz Piñero, to be published on December 17th. This means that the enormously powerful Editorial Televisa will not be the only company printing Mexican editions of American comics… Bruguera decided not to include its own logo on the cover in order to mantain the design of the original edition.


io9 joins the front line.

But there’s an even more important reason why Superman needs the briefs. Think about why circus strongmen decided to start putting their underpants on the outside. They didn’t have a group meeting and arbitrarily decide that would be their style, you know.

Old-time-y strongmen wear tights and unitards to show off their physiques and muscles, because that was their thing. Makes sense, right? But as any man who has worn any kind of tights can tell you, tights expose muscles, but they also expose the crotchal reason – the same sheerness that shows off the contours of biceps also shows off the contours of the penis. So rather than scandalize to 19th century audiences, strongmen put their underwear on the outside to effectively cover up what needed covering up.


Cracked joins the war on Tony Harris;

The idea of standing in judgment over other fans is insane. You can’t own geekdom. You enjoy it. That’s what it’s for. The only arena where your enjoyment can triumph over someone else’s is martial arts, and comics trivia knowledge is the exact opposite skill set. The only comics person who gets to judge everyone in revealing clothing is Dredd.


For the last few months, Bleeding Cool suffered under the Technorati Bug. That was fixed two weeks ago, with Bleeding Cool at around 858th on the Comics Blog chart. We are now back at number one…


Not everyone is up with Warner Bros’ plans;

Here are my problems with JGL playing Batman. First of all, he’d be playing John Blake, who is decidedly NOT Bruce Wayne. Now this has some initial drawbacks just based on the fact that it’s a different person under the mask. Bruce Wayne was cold and calculating, a stoic hunter of the criminal element. That’s the Batman we know. He’s dark, cynical, almost has a death wish. He doesn’t trust anybody. So gone are those great moments between Batman and the rest of the League, who Bruce thinks are largely a bunch of jerks, maybe even threats, at least at first. No scenes establishing the reluctant partnership between him and Clark that later blossoms into a time-tested friendship. No scenes where he’s scoffing at Hal Jordan’s immaturity or explaining that he has a contingency plan to kill each and every member of the League if the need should arise. You wouldn’t get that with John Blake. Blake’s just a working man, he’d probably almost be like an intern around the Justice League Watchtower, not the dominant force that Bruce is. You’d be hard-pressed to accept a John Blake Batman among the Trinity.

This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Film Sketchr: Freaky Unseen ‘The Dark Knight’ Concept Art By Rob Bliss

Professional concept artist Rob Bliss, who also worked on Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001), Watchmen (2005) and Jack the Giant Killer (2009-10) created some truly bizarre visuals for the film. Some are available in his portfolio including The Joker (Heath Ledger), the Joker’s clown masked men in the bank heist and horrific images of Harvey “Two-Face” Dent (Aaron Eckhart).

Blake Bell News: Bill Everett 1950 Lev Gleason story unearthed

Some of the most satisfying moments in putting together the Bill Everett Archives volumes have been discovering hitherto unknown works that seemingly no one knew existed, and that fall outside of Bill’s normal modus operandi – i.e., working as a virtual lifer for Marvel Comics, creating the Sub-Mariner in 1939, doing all those horror books in the 1950s, and co-creating Daredevil in the 1960s.

Archie: Big In India

The demand, it appears, has spiked over the last ten years, with recent issues featuring Archie and gang travelling to India, eating Indian food and singing Bollywood songs. Arora says that the India-themed issues were a calculated move, stemming from the publishers’ expectation of growth here, further demolishing my belief that the end is near. Unable to digest this information, I pry a little more to find that non-Metro regions have no role to play in the increased readership. While conceding that the initial run of 1000 copies of the Malayalam and Hindi versions didn’t sell at all, Arora is more than a little optimistic about the English editions.

Looking for Wonder Woman « CW Pittsburgh

To all actresses in their early to mid-20s who are 5’8″ or taller — you may be TV’s next Wonder Woman. Warner Bros TV, the studio behind the CW  is working on a drama project Amazon, and has hired casting directors Barbara Fiorentino and Danielle Aufiero to launch a search for the lead in the project in anticipation of a potential pilot pickup.

Blog@Newsarama » Blog Archive » “DC Entertainment Really Doesn’t Care About Any of Our Business”

Ultimately it shows the retail community that, all of their pretty words to the contrary, DC Entertainment really doesn’t care about any of our businesses. DC Comics, under Paul Levitz, always and unflinchingly had our backs, but that left us 38 months ago when Paul was removed from the company.


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