Two Big Spoilers For Doctor Who’s Christmas Special, The Snowmen

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There were a few big surprises for the audience when the BBC previewed their Doctor Who Christmas special, The Snowmen, last night, and I’m going to tell you about two of them.

Rich has promised that he won’t be reading this post. He says that he doesn’t want to know. I think he’s going to read it anyway. And you probably will too, but if you’re in two minds, now is the time to decide which one you’re going with. Spoilers are actually harmless – but if you think you’ll feel better not knowing, then don’t.

So, the first surprise was a piece of big-name guest star casting. You won’t have seen this actor in the trailers or any of the pictures released by the BBC, because you won’t be seeing him in the show.

It’s a voiceover gig. The voice of those evil-looking snowmen.

Performing the voice of these monsters is none other than Sir Ian McKellen. He’s a very popular voiceover choice, and for obvious reasons. Seems like an odd fit for the teeth-baring beast we’ve seen so far, but I’m sure it will all make sense on the night – in fact, you might be able to read a little more into it in view of our second spoiler, below.

Some reporters have gone ahead and spilled McKellen’s casting – coughRadioTimescough – though we understand they were asked not to.

Nobody, however, has spilled the other spoiler yet. Not in public.

One interesting thing is, there was a huge clue to this second twist staring us right in the face for a few days now. Something I saw, wondered about for a second and then pretty much forgot about.

A little more staring out of the stained glass window and it might have clicked…

Bleeding Cool understands that the Christmas episode ends with a reveal that ties into very old Who lore. One of the classic series villains is invoked, leaving us not just with a conclusion to this episode, but a tease for what’s to come in 2013.

And it all makes a certain amount of sense that this character would show up now. We first met it back in Patrick Troughton era, when it commanded an army of Yetis – so-called abominable snowmen. It has also forced The Doctor into the London Underground before now – again, see the picture clue I mention above.

Yep – Moffat’s brought back Yog-Sothoth, The Great Intelligence – a disembodied mind from another Universe stranded in ours, in search of corporeal form – and it seems he’s got plans to use it in the rest of the series.

Now, the journalists and guests who attended the screening last night were under a tight NDA to prevent them from revealing this. We weren’t there, so we’re not. I could regale you with a defense for spoilers but, well, seeing as you’ve read this far, I don’t really think I’d have to.

And, yes, thanks for asking, we’d have signed the NDA and kept to it. I’ve never broken an embargo in my life. It would just have been a trade off – instead of being able to bring you this, I could have brought you a fuller, fleshier but spoiler-free report on the episode.

Either way, I was going to bring you something.

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