Advertising Opportunities for Bleeding Cool Magazine

Posted by November 30, 2012 Comment

Attention all Publishers, Retailers and Advertisers… Bleeding Cool Magazine – the comic industry’s long-overdue answer to a magazine fully dedicated to the hobby – wants to cover your product in upcoming issues!

If you publish, sell or distribute comic books, or simply want to reach the sophisticated pop-culture consumer, there is no better place to reach your target audience.

If you are interested in placing an advertisement, contact Jim Kuhoric, Vice President of Publishing, at

Bleeding Cool Magazine #0 – Best Selling Magazine, June 2012
Bleeding Cool Magazine #1 – Hit stores on 11/21/12 – AUG120887
Bleeding Cool Magazine #2 – Arriving in Jan 2013 – OCT120867
Bleeding Cool Magazine #3 – Arriving in February 2013 – Order now! DEC120890
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