When Brazilian Creators Working For American Publishers Set Up On Their Own…

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While comic book companies have often used South American artists on their books, sometimes because they were cheaper, more reliable, better trained and less likely to cause trouble, there has been a real boom of late, at both Marvel, DC, Dynamite, Avatar, Boom and more. But what comic books would these creators make without American publishers?

Supernova Productions is a group of Brazilian comic book artists developing their own characters for free digital books, and on-demand print comics, published in Portugeuse and English, with Spanish and French to follow.

They are Jack Herbert (Kirby Genesis), Geraldo Borges (Cry For Justice), JP Mayer (Superboy), Salvatore Aiala (Dungeons & Dragons), Matheus Lopes (Threadless), Denis DYM Freitas (Jimmy Olsen) all with screenwriter Emílio Baraçal.

ANARQUIA (Anarchy)

Story: Emílio Baraçal and Carlos Eduardo Corrales; Pencils: Felipe Watanabe; Inks: Carlos Eduardo Ferreira; Colors: Salvatore Aiala

In Brazil, a country where corruption is almost absurd and nobody is able – or willing – to do anything, a figure known as Anarchy shows up to bring justice to the corrupt and hope to the people. Anarchy is about how Brazilian people are so powerless before the authorities, and how they are repressed by old-fashioned laws that benefit the powerful and corrupt. It is about their lack of opportunities of getting a better life, and about how people content themselves with such little in a tough reality. The whole background changes when this figure called “Anarchy” suddenly appears claiming for people’s reaction. She is an unknown masked woman, who investigates the social-economic elite, by searching for frauds, off-book accounts, legislative favors and other evidences of abuses of power that make those on the base of the social pyramid suffer even more. With such undeniable proofs, she spreads around the world causing an inversion of roles, in which predators come to fear what the ones who were once prey are now able to do with Anarchy by their side. Naturally, the elite won’t stop until they get her out of their way.

– COSMOS (Cosmos)

Story: Emílio Baraçal; Pencils: Geraldo Borges; Inks: Denis DYM Freitas; Colors: Matheus Lopes

A half-human half-alien seeks its own identity by having to interact with the humans – a species that is afraid of him, which leads both to learn a lot along the way. The existence of a hybrid will stir the foundations of society, economy, religion, culture, philosophy, and everything will be affected in some way. Some will defend a better acceptance and others will resist such serious changes, fearful that the world they’ve always known would change from night to day. Cosmos was born by normal parturition, but his mother had been abducted and fertilized with sperm genetically modified by aliens. In the real world, thousands of UFO researchers investigate cases of abductions with fertilization around the globe, in which the child is taken away; but unlike it, this time the experiment was to see how a hybrid child would grow and learn to live on Earth.

  – ARKANUS (Arkanus)

Story: Emílio Baraçal and Alexandre Dias; Art: Jack Herbert, with JP Mayer (inks) and Thiago Ribeiro (colors).

The world is too chaotic the way it is. Magic exists, but must remain hidden. If it were known by the general public, things like theft, rape, espionage, murder and other crimes, with magic, would make the world even worse. Arkanus’ duty is to maintain the existence of magic away from general knowledge, and mystical threats away from the material world. Arkanus is the police of magic.


– OS BANDEIRANTES (The Pathfinders)

Story: Emílio Baraçal; Pencils: Hélio Oliveira; Inks: Carlos Eduardo Ferreira; Colors: Geanes Holanda

The Brazilian government illegally diverts millions of public funds to finance a secret project, with the goal to create a special military group to protect the country’s energy reserves, and also to prevent from any external threat before it’s too late. The project is based on reverse engineering acquired from aliens that were captured in the famous Varginha Case, in 1996, in conjunction with Brazilian scientists. So called “The Pathfinders”, the military group is formed by specially chosen people who have been genetically and technologically modified.

– ENTROPIA (Entropia)

Story: Emílio Baraçal; Pencils: Felipe Watanabe; Inks: Carlos Eduardo Ferreira; Colors: Salvatore Aiala

Zeitgeist is a rock band with critical and political focus. It is the music market’s new sensation. Their leader, Daniel Carter, is erroneously accused of a groupie’s death. Everything conspires to keep him in jail, but a mysterious and supernatural object that was found in prison can be the key to prove his innocence. The story is inspired on a real band, Pain of Salvation, and the creative team has full support from the band to create this comic book. Daniel Gildenlöw (vocal and guitars), leader of Pain Salvation, is closely following the development of this project. It has suspense, terror and supernatural elements, some of which may function as poetic license, based on their real albums.


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