Fanboy Rampage: Ethan Van Sciver Vs Rob Liefeld

Fanboy Rampage: Ethan Van Sciver Vs Rob Liefeld

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Ethan posted on Facebook;

Conservatives who are bitter, please follow my awesome example. You know that even when I’m wrong, I’m right, yes? Obama won a second term, and by a very slim margin. He says he’s listened and learned. I’m going to go easy on Barack for a year, and give him the benefit of a doubt. I will become a fan of his, (if not his policies) if he’s a big enough man to go to Congress and say, “the last four years didn’t work out between us. Let’s start over again.” And then actually listen, instead of saying , “Well, I won.” again.

A lot of goofy Leftist stuff is going to be implemented. Those are the spoils of victory. But this is still about jobs. Let’s watch and see and hope that things are different this time. Maybe Bill Clinton taught him something.

But Rob Liefeld was already tweeting;



Ethan responded;

Rob Liefeld is trash-talking me on Twitter because I am being a peacemaker over Obama. I told him I’d check and see if that improves his Approval Rating. :)

Twitterers, if you want to, feel free to ask @RobertLiefeld to be more polite. Hashtag might be #BeLikeEVS

And so they did….

@robertliefeld @EthanVanSciver isn’t upping the sales for dark knight. In my LCS orders went up more than all your dc books total #belikeevs

@robertliefeld Remember, when filling out job applications, print legibly and thank the manager for their time and consideration. #BeLikeEVS

I once saw @EthanVanSciver save a baby from drowning, help elderly cross a road and saved 18 stray dogs, by 9 am. @RobertLiefeld #BeLikeEVS

@robertliefeld It is both proper and decent to call a date the night after to thank them for a wonderful evening #BeLikeEVS

@robertliefeld Remember Ethan always says that double-dipping is a serious no-no. Dip only once. It’s the right thing to do. #BeLikeEVS

When under the weather, @EthanVanSciver ALWAYS makes sure to sneeze into his elbow. @RobertLiefeld, #BeLikeEVS

@EthanVanSciver once drew feet for a legless man and they turned into magical real appendages. That helped him fly @RobertLiefeld #BeLikeEVS

@robertliefeld When Ethan leaves a job he says you should say nice things about your employer. It’s the polite thing to do. #BeLikeEVS

I hear that @EthanVanSciver never puts his well proportioned FEET up on the couch while wearing shoes. #BeLikeEVS #WWEVSD

@robertliefeld Ethan says you Always wipe your feet when you enter a house. Feet? Those things that should be at the end of legs #BeLikeEVS

Ladies close to @EthanVanSciver are also happy to report that he ALWAYS opens the door for them. @RobertLiefeld, #BeLikeEVS

Puts his pants on a leg at a time, which include his feet. Which he studies for art. You should look at yours more @RobertLiefeld #BeLikeEVS

@robertliefeld you need to be more humble and polite like EVS, or I’ll use my Omega Beams and send you to the 50’s #BeLikeEVS

I hear at comic conventions, @EthanVanSciver can draw a crowd, and every member of that crowd has feet. @RobertLiefeld, #BeLikeEVS

Rob Liefeld noticed something was going on…

From happier times…


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