New GI Joe Trailer Shows What They're Selling This Side Of The Reshoots

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool

Remember when everyone was actually mildly excited about the G.I. Joe Retaliation* earlier this year before the film got pulled and delayed for a year? It was a strange move because the film actually had a pretty good buzz surrounding it. Well, a new trailer has cropped up to remind us all that it is still happening.

Trailer via Superherohype

Something else that seems to have gone through a bit of a rebranding since that original marketing push is Channing Tatum. Having turned his fortunes around with the likes of 21 Jump Street and Magic Mike, there seems to be more emphasis on him in this trailer. He even gets to say a few things this time.

But overall I feel like the trailer has lost a little panache. Maybe it is the substitution of the Seven Nation Army remix for something pretty generic, but the original push seemed to be playing to a sense of entertainment while this seems a tad more drab.

*That was just me?