Joe Hill's Locke And Key To Be Adapted Into A Movie – Or Three?

Another rumour from Latino Review, who have gone a monumental mud-slingathon tonight, claims that Universal are planning to adapt Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez' Locke and Key comics into a trilogy of movies. I don't read a whole load of comics, you may have noticed, but this one I like a lot. It's a haunted house story, of sorts, and that's what drew me in at first; what keeps me reading are the ideas. Narrative ideas, thematic ideas, character ideas and even formal ideas. And there are lots of them.

Last year at Comic-Con there was a very bittersweet presentation of Mark Romanek and Josh Friedman's pilot for a Locke and Key TV series. It was truly beautiful, and quite easily the most engaging and, frankly, stylish TV pilot I've ever seen. But by the time of Con, Fox had already decided not to pick up the show and several other vendors had passed, so the show was pretty much dead. Where were Netflix? Fools.

I'm sad that I'll never have a copy of that pilot to watch at my leisure; nor will I find out where showrunner Josh Friedman was going to take his version of the Locke family next.

But, you know what, I wish Universal well. If they want to adapt these comics, all I want is that they do a good job. The rumour is that Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are writing the script for the first film. Interestingly, they were producers on the TV version – so if this rumour turns out the bunk, that's probably exactly where the wires crossed.

The back-catalogue of Kurtzman and Orci is not exactly cartwheel-inducing, but they might get this bang-on.

Though they'll need a good director. Good luck finding another Mark Romanek, guys.