First Trailer For Decay, Zombie Movie Actually Filmed Inside CERN

Worried that the large hadron collider is going to create a black hole that will suck up the solar system? You might as well worry that it’s going to create zombies.

The second of those deeply implausible ideas is the basis for Decay, a new horror picture that was actually filmed inside CERN. It’s a low budget affair but this trailer actually has a pretty nice look:

Speaking to Wired, the film’s director, Luke Thompson, has admitted that CERN’s officials don’t endorse the film. Not exactly – but they are going to let him release it.

And what a release. The film is set to be offered up within the next few weeks as a free download under a creative commons license. Thankfully, the budget was only just a little over $3000.

I’m looking forward to seeing the film, not least for its promised:

satirical commentary on various aspects of people’s perceptions of science