Bryan Singer Signs On To Direct Next X-Men Movie, Reunite With Old X-Cast

Another pending deal has become set, with Bryan Singer signing on to direct the upcoming adaptation of Days of Future Past. Original director Matthew Vaughn is now set to take a producer's role on the film, though it's not clear how active he'll be from here on out. Deadline say that Singer's contract is very freshly inked, but it has been in the works for a few days now.

Bleeding Cool understands that "a meaningful number" of the original X-Men cast are set to make appearances in this sequel, alongside the First Class players. I'm sure they're all pretty relieved it's not The Last Stand's Brett Ratner who's coming back.

Yep, them and everybody else.

I'm glad to see Singer back with the X-Men, but I can't pretend I'm not sad to see Vaughn go. He did a great job on First Class.

I wonder if Vaughn and Jane Goldman's script is to be the basis for Singer's film, or if he'll have it reworked? Or… perhaps… if it was being reworked already? I can see how that might have been the problem.

Days of Future Past gets rolling in the new year with a release expected in 2014.