Fifteen Pages Of Elysium Online, Online

Posted by October 27, 2012 Comment

Elysium Online is a 96 page graphic novel by Ilia Kyriazis, being crowdfunded through IndieGoGo, about a revolutionary social network that lets people interact with their dead loved ones. Until things go wrong.

“Just when I thought it was impossible to come up with a fresh, original concept in horror, Ilias Kyriazis has done it.  And he drew it beautifully too. Someone needs to tell him there’s such a thing as being TOO talented!” Christos Gage

A much scarier and more emotionally hard-hitting version of a Roland Emerich movie!” Mike Carey

Seriously, I’ve worked with some of the greats in the comic book business, so trust me when I say that Ilias is one of them! [Elysium Online] is stunning! […] [A] gorgeous and horrific graphic novel.” Scott Lobdell

I’ve just funded it. After reading these pages, I hope you do too.

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