Next Year, Doctor Who Will Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis

Upcoming guest star Ashley Walters has told The Radio Times that filming on his episode of Doctor Who finished two weeks ago, though to be honest, that doesn’t really help me pin down exactly which slot on the running order it will take. This could be one of Mark Gatiss’ episodes, one of Neil Cross’ episodes, maybe Stephen Thompson’s one. Neil Gaiman’s new episode, we believe, has yet to be filmed – but we could have been misled. It might have been Gaiman’s, I just wouldn’t bet on it.

According to the report the episode in question will be called Journey to the Centre of the Tardis. The Radio Times could be citing Walters, hanging on some rumour we haven’t heard or, being an ancillary part of the BBC, actually have inside knowledge.

Either way, it sounds like the title fits the scant details Walters will share:

In our episode it’ll be the first time people get to see so much of the Tardis.

Will this include the swimming pool?

Also mentioned in the report is that Walters tweeted an image of himself on set at the start of filming and was promptly told to delete it.

So Walters removed the Instagram image pretty quickly and there’s no obvious trace of it online but… well, Bleeding Cool employ some world class hackers,* and we managed to get two separate pieces of it and put it back together. This is it below, scout’s honour.

It’s apparently Walters’ costume for the episode and the BBC didn’t want it going too wide…

It’s not at the best resolution, but can you work out what the badge says? Something about Van Halen? Or the Van Allen belt? I think it says Van Gaalen Bros. Any advance on that?

*Sort of.