Over A Hundred Cosplay Shots From NYCC

Cosplay shots from Bleeding Coolers Louis Falcetti, Alex Wilson, Joshua Kopin, Shawn Schillberg, Dan Hart, Michael McDermott, and me. Louie Falcetti’s highlights included “A FLAWLESS PRINCE ROBOT FROM SAGA. Godmode: unlocked”, “Ant-Man and Wasp in love. At least for the moment”, “Knives Chau, Ramona Flowers & Roxy Richter. Scott Pilgrim characters are now in the Con Lexicon forever. Until the sun dies out and the last San Diego Con ends, Scott Pilgrim is a permanent part of it. Ramona Flowers might be the new Slave Leia”, all the many Female Lokis, A Rule 63 Comedian, ¬†Far and away the cutest Doctor and Companion at the show, She-Hulk and Jinx, where Jinx is an¬†archaeologist who specializes in the study of old coins, A Young George Lucas meets Indiana Jones, Rorschach – “He pulled his mask out of his pocket for the photo in a movement that was far too fluid to be accidental”, “Finn the Human. One of very few Finns at the show that was actually a child.”

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