You Can Kickstart The Goon Movie. A Bit

The next phase of development for the movie of Eric Powell's The Goon is looking for crowdsourced funds, and I can't imagine it will have too much difficulty: David Fincher is producting, Blur Studios will be animating, Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown are on the voice cast.

There's a catch though: what we'd be funding isn't a finished film but a story reel, a start-to-finish animatic of the whole thing. The film will still have to seduce a studio or production company with many millions in the bank.

Still, it's progress.

You can check out the many rewards available on the film's Kickstarter page. I have to say, the lowest level seems like a misstep: access to a production blog. Reminds me of the days when online fanclubs cost money to join. Surely they'd be better off having the production blog be open access? I guess they couldn't come up with something else "entry level" to give away.

Here's the demo reel that Blur Studios first unveiled at Comic-Con 2010.