Jurassic Park 4 Concept Art For The Scrapped Dino-Superior Version

An infamous draft of Jurassic Park 4 was to see genetically modified dinohumans packing heat, kicking mammal butt and taking names. As such, it’s widely known as the Dinosaurs With Guns version.

The project was apparently shut down after Universal saw the following concept art. I guess that it is a bit of a hard sell, and the idea isn’t pure Jurassic Park by any means, but having read the script, I was kind of into it. It needed work, but it was a big leap forward into uncharted territory and there was some meat there.

The creatures you see below are the result of blending human, dinosaur and dog DNA – at least in the mind of screenwriters John Sayles and William Monahan, concept artist Carlos Huante and sculptor Andrew Cawrse.

The images can be traced back to the JP Legacy forums, but I first saw them flagged up by the unofficial Jurassic Park 4 fan twitter account.

The following images have been around a good while, and are of less certain provenance, but just resurfaced as Ain’t It Cool got in on reporting on the new finds. Here they are for completeness sake.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes‘ Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver were engaged to write and conceive a new Jurassic Park 4 not too long ago now. There’s no clear indication how they’re getting along, if they’ve been replaced, or what other development work is under way, but I bet you that Universal get at least as far as concept art again.

Next up for Jurassic Park fans is the 3D re-release of the first film, next April 5th.