Thrill Of The Hunt – Mark Waid’s Daredevil #2

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Brock Dickinson, of Millier Dickinson Blais Inc. writes;

In recent weeks, it seems like hot Image launches and DC’s New 52 are getting the lion’s share of the back issue attention, but Marvel is not completely forgotten. While recent “events” like Avengers vs. X-Men or Captain America’s potential role as President of the United States in Ultimates have created some buzz, this hasn’t exactly translated into movement in the back issue market.

However, a few Marvel back issues have been commanding higher prices recently, with one in particular flying below the radar. Over the last few months, Daredevil #2 has climbed past the $15 level, and is now selling for close to $20 a copy.

In part, this book is being driven by positive word of mouth around Mark Waid’s strong and critically-acclaimed run on the title. But as with most modern comics that command a premium, relative scarcity also plays a role with this issue. Daredevil #1 was released in July of 2011, with a print run just shy of 65,000 copies. When #2 followed a month later, fewer than 41,000 were printed. Clearly, demand was higher than expected, and the print run on #2 was not sufficient to meet it.

Often, such distribution vagaries create a short-term spike in prices, which retreat once the issue is collected in another format (such as a trade paperback). In this case, however, the price seems to be holding steady, and even rising.

Daredevil #’s 3, 4, 5 and 6 also seem to be attracting some attention, with prices rising. However, #2 remains the standout issue on the back market so far.


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