Trailer: Mark Webber’s The End Of Love Reteams Some Scott Pilgrim Cast

So, there’s a few Scott Pilgrim alumni in The End of Love, but this trailer will show you right away that this is an entirely different animal.

With writer-director Mark Webber playing an actor called Mark, Amanda Seyfried being called Amanda, Michael Cera introducing himself as Michael Cera and the Hollywood setting, there’s obviously going to be some blurring of reality and fiction in this film. To what end? Well, the trailer does suggest it’s at least trying to be an open-hearted, honest picture. Perhaps Webber is just looking at his life and filming what he sees?

There’s thee Pilgrim alumni in here that I can see – Webber, Cera and Aubrey Plaza. Fast friends made in Toronto?

I’ll be interested to see the film once it secures some kind of distribution. At the moment, I see no trace of a release.

Thanks to Films Actu for the embed.