Vertigo To Increase Sci-Fi Comics For Its Twentieth Anniversary In 2013 (UPDATE)

Vertigo hasn't had the greatest reputation for sci-fi comics. V For Vendetta was, Transmetropolitan had to be inherited from another imprint, Helix, and the rather wonderful DMZ and Spaceman have been and gone. And right now they have no sci-fi book on their… books.

That will change next year. Bleeding Cool writer Colin O' Mahoney reporting from Dublin comic convention D.I.C.E tells us that Vertigo editor Mark Doyle said that sci-fi "has been missing from Vertigo", and that this is something they intend to fix.

Already announced is Collider from Exterminators writer Simon Oliver, and artist Robbi Rodriguez (Uncanny X-Force)  Mark Doyle described the series as "An FBI physics team in a world where physics is breaking down." Basically, if you have a wormhole in your sink, these guys will fix it. And of course, there's a new sci-fi series from Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy that I mentioned last year.

Speaking to Mark after the panel, he confirmed that "there are more sci-fi books coming from Vertigo", and while he was tight-lipped regarding details we can expect at least two big announcements at NYCC.

2013 is the twentieth anniversary for Vertigo, and they intend to make it as big an event at the imprint as the New 52 was for DC. As well as some welcome new sci-fi, we can expect "Vertigo books from creators old and new (to Vertigo)". Mark Doyle indicated that on books he is editing, there are some 'fan favourites that are really gonna blow people away'. All this and a new Sandman from Neil Gaiman

UPDATE: Jeff Lemire

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