Five Possibilities for Marvel’s NYCC Annoucement “Superior”

My favourite theories as to Marvel’s big NYCC “Superior” announcement.

What do we know? That the writer of the most shocking book of 2012 will be a very special guest at NYCC and announce a new book, for which Superior is the title.

These are the five top theories.

1) The guest is Dan Slott, listed as attending NYCC already, and the book is the relaunch of Spider-Man as… something else. Something Superior. Amazing Spider-Man #698 through to #700, A Dying Wish, are meant to be just that shocking. However Dan Slott’s appearance doesn’t seem that… special. I mean, he’s always at those shows.

2) The guest is Neil Gaiman who will be relaunching Marvelman/Miracleman. Except Neil Gaiman hasn’t written a shocking comic in 2012. And from what I understand, Marvelman/Miracleman are some time away still.

3) The guest is Brian Bendis, who has sworn off attending conventions. The book is the a X-Men title, hence the reference to Homo Superior, and backs up what we were told earlier this year, that Bendis would be writing two X-books. But, again, the most shocking book of 2012? Could that be the last issue of AVX? The first issue of All New X-Men?

4) The guest is Mark Millar, who is currently sticking to creator-owned work. Superior is a reference to his Icon book for Marvel, but also a reference to the X-Men, as he is now working on the Fox movies. And, as part of that job, he’s launching a new X-book. As for the most shocking book of 2012? Well, there was the last issue of Kick Ass 2, there’s plenty in Supercrooks to choose from, and we haven’t seen the final issues of Hit Girl yet… but Mark does like to stay in his own time zone is at all possible.

5) Jeph Loeb and J Scott Campbell‘s Spider-Man finally?

Neither solution seems to fit all the aspects that have been teased. Is it someone else? Is it something else? Or was the teasing just a little overblown?


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