Seth Rogen Asks Barbra Streisand On A Mother-Son Road Trip

Ahead of a trailer, here’s a clip from The Guilt Trip in which Seth Rogen‘s character asks his mom, Barbra Streisand‘s character, to come on a road trip with him. As you’d expect, he has an ulterior motive.

His motive? To reunite her with an old flame. Yeah, not the one I was expecting.

The script for this one was written by Dan Fogelman, of Crazy Stupid Love, and he’s tremendous. It was directed by 27 Dresses‘ Anne Fletcher and… well, I’m not really a fan. But she’s got a good cast – Rogen and Streisand, Adam Scott, Colins Hanks and Dale Dickey.

Where’s the trailer, though? It’s a bit odd to kick these campaigns off with a clip, isn’t it? I want to see more.