Cinematographer Tweets Picture From Darren Aronfosky's Noah

Cinematographer Tweets Picture From Darren Aronfosky’s Noah

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Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool

I am certainly intrigued by Darren Aronofsky‘s Noah. When sifting through the director’s back catalogue and taking a stab at his next project, a literal retelling of the bible story would not be high up in my guesses. However, I am excited to see what he makes of it. And today we get our first look into that big ol’ boat.

Cinematographer Mathew Libatique tweeted this picture while saying:

Pre lighting on the holiest day of the year.

While I have no idea what he means there, I have less of an idea about what is going on in that picture.

I thought there was two of each animal, not hundreds of snakes and a crocodile? Perhaps it all gets very technical and there are two of each species of snake. You would need one big boat to cover the entire animal kingdom that way. I am sure this will all make more sense in due time, but for the moment, colour me confused.

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