Between The Pages: Grace Randolph And Sam Cross On Dark Cyclops


Think About The Ink writes;

Avengers vs X-Men is finally picking up speed with round 11, with the death of Professor X and the birth of Dark Cyclops! Scott Summers dies next? And has his relationship with Emma Frost died too? Host Grace Randolph, from Beyond The Trailer, and guest Sam Cross from Noise Shark Media discuss the huge Marvel 2012 crossover event Avengers vs X-Men, and what it means for Cyclops aka Scott Summers. Will he ever be forgiven for the death of Professor X? Will Scott Summers and Emma Frost ever kiss again? And is Dark Cyclops a better idea than the Phoenix Five? For Pete’s sake, let’s hope this doesn’t bring about the return of Jean Grey! Did you enjoy Avengers vs X-Men issue 11?

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