Jeff Buckley Biopic Gets A Pretty Fresh Feeling Trailer

For the most part, this "early trailer" for Dan Alagrant's Greetings From Jeff Buckley feels fresh and airy and not quite like the typical movie trailer. There's no overdubbed source music and the pace is a little slower.

And then there's a few, rather more standard-issue caption cards. But, eh. They don't kill it.

Penn Badgley seems to have done just fine as Buckley. I mean, he's looking pretty natural, he's easy to watch, there's nothing that gets stuck in the throat on the way down.

The overall, intimate styling seems pretty comfortable, if occasionally a bit familiar – anybody else think of Blue Valentine at one point? – and it should fit the compressed time scale too: this story takes place over just a handful of days. It's Buckley in microcosm.

The film played at Toronto, where I was not. Hopefully a distributor will pick it up soon, because I want to see it.

Thanks to Stereogum for the embed.