Marvel Variant Covers – And The Thinking Behind Them

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Today, in the light of retailer Brian Hibbs‘ attack on variant covers as immoral, and Bleeding Cool’s look at exactly how the variant covers of Marvel NOW! can boost the sales of some comics dramatically, David Gabriel has been talking to retailers on Diamond’s website about the impact of variant covers. And showing off a load in the process.

Gabriel confirmed our reports that orders for the first issue of Uncanny Avengers would outsell Avengers Vs X-Men #1, but also stated that orders would beat Civil War #1, which famously topped 400,000.

He also mentioned the Komen Variants. Bleeding Cool has noticed a number of titles with that variant being offered,


This refers to Susan G Komen For The Cure, a breast cancer treatment charity, and it seems that a number of these comics will be used to raise money and awareness. And are a bit on the pink side. They will be able to be ordered by retailers who match sales of these titles to previous sales of the same title, to keep sales up even before they alkl get relaunched.

Talking about retailers and variants, Gabriel specifically says “Most retailers will simply sell them and make some extra cash. Others intermix them on their shelves and let their customers choose whatever cover they like. Some use them as giveaway incentives to get loyal customers to sign up for subscriptions, to purchase other items, or just as a “Thank You” for being a loyal fan. Most of them display them in a special area of the store, which– to me –becomes the greatest advertising for our books.”

Gabriel also promises, to follow Mil Manara’s Scarlet Witch cover for Uncanny Avengers, two more covers including Psycloke. A five part Esad Ribic pentych piece for Avengers #1 to #5. And an unused piece from Amazing Fantasy #15 by Steve Ditko for Amazing Spider-Man #700. Here are a few new ones… and what you have to do to get them!

Edgar Delgado – First X-Men #3 1:75

Quesada variant – All New X-Men #1 – 1:100

Ed McGuinness variant – Red She Hulk #58 – 1:20



Steve Ditko – Amazing Spider-Man #700


Oliver Coipel sketch cover for Uncanny Avengers #1 – 1:200


Salvador Larocca – Invincible Iron Man #527 – exceed Invincible Iron Man #520

Susan G Komen For The Cure – Mighty Thor #21 – exceed orders for Mighty Thor #16

Susan G Komen For The Cure – Wolverine #315 – exceed orders for Wolverine #311.

Susan G Komen For The Cure – Captain America #18 – exceed orders for Captain America #10.


Amazing Spider-Man #700 wraparound cover by Humberto Ramos


Uncanny X-Men #20 – exceed Uncanny X-Men #15

Billy Tan – Fantastic Four #611 – exceed Fantastic Four #605

Skottie Young Baby Variant for a Spider-Man comic

Joe Quesada Iron Man #1 Sketch – 1:150

Incredible Hulk #15 – exceed Incredible Hulk #8.



Skottie Young Baby Variant Avengers #1 – exceed Avengers Vs X-Men #10

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