Avatar Plug of the Week – Crossed: Wish You Were Here Graphic Novel

We love comics. We love the web (we’re here, right?). We love reading comics on the web. But… there is something to be said for the look, feel (and smell) of holding a comic book in your hands when reading. Today, the smash-hit Horror web comic, Crossed: Wish You Were Here trade paperback is in print in all its full-color glossy – and gory – glory!

Simon Spurrier (Wolverine: Dangerous Game, Ghost Rider) and Javier Barreno (Crossed: Family Values) take us on a fresh journey into pain and misery with a new batch of survivors in the brutal Crossed world. This is the story of a writer who witnessed the downfall of London, and now finds himself in the midst of a new community, a new start, on a barren island off the Scottish coast. Pretending, just for a while, that he’s safe, that he’s useful… that he has a future. It won’t last. There’s no sanctuary. No fighting back. No hope. There’s only the Crossed.

Until now, you could only read these issues online, in weekly installments. Avatar Press heard your requests for a printed collected edition, to add to your bookshelf of spine-chilling graphic novels; Crossed Volume OneCrossed Volume Two: Family Values and Crossed Volume Three: Psychopath.

Crossed: Wish You Were Here is available in Trade Paperback and Hard Cover, featuring covers by Jacen Burrows!

Price: $19.99
Diamond: JUN120842
ISBN: 9781592911707

FC, 160pg., HARD COVER

Price: $27.99
Diamond: JUN120843
ISBN: 9781592911714