Y: The Last Man Film Back On The Front Burner For New Line

Y: The Last Man Film Back On The Front Burner For New Line

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Has there ever been a more tragic and strung-out tale than that of New Line’s adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn and Pia Guerra’s Y: The Last Man? With a sentence in development hell that has spanned nearly a decade, the tale of Yorick Brown and his pet monkey Ampersand – the last males left alive after a virus instantly kills anything with a Y chromosome on Earth – was one that many of us had lost hope of ever seeing on the big screen. The situation looked promising back in 2010 when New Line managed to get both a screenwriter (Carl Ellsworth) and a director (D.J. Caruso) signed on to the project at the same time, but shortly afterwards the development was stalled, Caruso dropped out, Ellsworth’s script was scrapped and the whole thing went back to formula.

Y: The Last Man has been struggling to be born amidst a wave of ‘comic book movies’, possibly because it’s not a real comic book series. I mean, no one has super powers and there are no funny costumes unless you count Yorick’s birthday suit. A new flicker of hope arrived earlier this year in the form of screenwriters Stephen Scaia and Matthew Federman, best known for their work on TV shows like Human Target and Jericho, who were hired in March to write a new script.

According to a “well-placed source” over at Vulture, it’s Scaia and Federman that we have to thank for finally helping the film back onto New Line’s top priority’s list. According to this source, New Line are very happy with the draft that the writing duo produced and have begun the process of interviewing potential directors to take the helm. Watch this space for rumours of which names end up on their shortlist.

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