Tobey Maguire Could Be Made Of Cardboard

Patrick Dane writes for Bleeding Cool.

There are some, though I’m not one, that would suggest Tobey Maguire‘s acting is a little flat. Those folk probably got a little giggle out of the headline.

But the laughter should be short lived. Fox’s banner WedgeWorks are optioning Doug TenNapel‘s comic book Cardboard to then be executive produced by Maguire and his company Material Pictures.

Variety are currently unsure if Maguire is in line to star but it doesn’t seem a big stretch to suggest that a lead part is there if he wants it. It seems Ice Age director Chris Wedge (hence WedgeWorks) is the front runner to direct at the moment and it could be his next project after Epic finally rolls on out of the render far.

TenNapel’s Cardboard follows Cam who receives a Cardboard box for his Birthday from his “down-and-out” father. With some imagination and, I would imagine, a ton of tape they create a cardboard man. Because of magic and stuff, this man comes alive to only be hijacked by the neighborhood bully for his own evil bidding. TenNapal is thought to have an executive producer credit on the project.

Ironically, it will be interesting to see if Fox make the decision to release a film about these flat cardboard creations in 3D. The possibility to play with perception and use the 3D medium to really enhance the storytelling certainly seems to be there. So far, so interesting.