Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

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Yes there are spoilers. Obviously.

1. Queen Of Flirtation

It was always a shame in The Girl In The Fireplace that Madame de Pompadour never actually got to go on an adventure in the TARDIS with the Doctor, so instead we get those moments replayed by Queen Nefertiti. I mean, that’s close enough. And she too seems to have quite a thing for The Doctor.

By the way, have we established who knows who the Doctor is these days – or even that is is alive and contactable? The India Space Agency from 2367 (blimey, they’ve grown) seem to be savvy enough to call him but a computer from the same time period later on has no idea who he is…

2. We Wanna Be Together In The TARDIS

Americans may best know Mark Williams from Harry Potter as Ron’s Dad, some may have even spotted him Shakespeare In Love or The Borrowers. But for Brits, he’s all The Fast Show through and through. So it’s all “You haven’t teleported me, right?”, “I’ll get me scarf” and “This week, I have mostly been eating roast Triceratops.”

Anyway, how come Brian never saw the Doctor(or vice versa) at Amy and Rory’s wedding? Playing hooky with Mel?

3. League Of Extraordinary Companions.

An Egyptian Queen, an African big game hunter and three middle class Brits in space in the future, but together by the Doctor. And John Riddell does have a little of the Alan Quatermain about him. Anyway, he’s got a gang. You know, despite his protestations, he has had a gang before… Adric, Nyssa and Tegan? Susan, Barbara and Ian? He’s ganged up before…

4. A Beach On A Spaceship

Is this a planet sized spaceship… or has someone just turned on the Infinite Probability Drive. Also, as energy propulsion methods go, this is complete and utter bobbins and I can’t see a single way this could work. Up there with JMS’ explanation of quantum mechanics in Before Watchmen. But then I suppose I’m not a reptilian scientist.

5. Oh Yes And Dinosaurs As Well

For a show that doesn’t have the best reputation of putting dinosaurs on the screen, this seemed to work pretty well. Danger when necessary, affection when necessary, and the first indications that if this was an Ark it was one from a very long time ago…

6. That Mitchell & Webb Stomp

Comedian double act, Mitchell & Webb, also from Peep Show and Magicians, making their Doctor Who debut as robots not too far from their alter egos in character, even verging on the Sandy And Julian relationship at one point or another. Also, they are either rubbish shots, unable to hit a dinosaur, or perfect sharp shooters. Or just lucky with Rory’s Dad.

7. Amy Is The Doctor

My favourite bit. Faced with someone from thousands of years ago and one from a hundred years ago, what Amy can do with a keyboard is lunatic science magic. Suddenly, she is doing for Nefertiti and Riddell what the Doctor does to everyone., And she has learned from the best.

And now the favourite bit of many people on my Twitter feed, brought to you by Bleeding Cool.


Tumblr, take it away.

9. The Doctor… Or The Executor?

Okay, that’s new. For a good long while anyway. The Doctor, basically, executed Solomon. The same man who even tried to save Davros, chose to put Solomon in a death trap, keep him there, and send him on his merry way to be exploded. And without even a troubled moment. Yes, Solomon is a genocidal killer. But the Doctor once tried to save Davros, after he’d failed to destroy the multiverse. Note that neither Amy or Rory are on hand to stop him. What companions does he really want again? Those who will help or hinder? What is happening to the Doctor without the Ponds?

10. A Happy Ending.

The Ark found somewhere. Safe, with its cargo. All happy. Apart from Rory without a father to fix the lights…

Next Week: The Doctor Is The Marshal

Stetsons are cool.



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