Seth Reedy – A New Rob Granito For 2012?

Seth Reedy is a comic book artist. Ish.

He makes himself available for work and promotes himself readily online, taking comissions and tattoo work. But some of his examples seem a little… familiar. Yet he claims all the credit for himself. Sounds familiar?

His work seems to bear an uncanny resemblance to the art of Bruno Auriema, Steven Sanchez, Joe Ng, Mike Deodato, Rob Liefeld, Ben Edlund, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Randy Green, Darrick Robertson, Todd McFarlane, David Finch, Jimbo Salgado, Carlos Gomez and Phil Potter.

Indeed his portfolio of work appears to consist of printed pictures inked over in pen, which he then claims he has created from scratch, without referencing any other artist involvement. In some cases, he has coloured in a black box over the top of the original artists’ signature, and then put his own underneath it.

So he’s a stupid thief as well… here are some examples of his work… followed by his claims of ownership, complaints that other people are ripping him off, and complaints from professionals.

Currently his Facebook page is locked up tight. I wonder why?





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